September 19, 2014 (8:30 AM - 3:30 PM)

Let's Make Movies! - A video production workshop for all teachers

Using video with students initiates wonder and spawns questions.  This is the workshop that helps teacher develop the skills to  create, collaborate on, and publish classroom videos.  The main objective of this workshop is to simplify filmmaking so that every teacher can see themselves and their students producing great videos.  Award winning video production teacher and global presenter, Jim Sill, will do this with a number activities that take the pressure from needing a particular device or editing software.  These activities include:
  • Understanding the cinematic narrative - Telling stories using film techniques
  • Developing Film Literacy - the language and visual literacy of the medium 
  • Using Film history to understand the four basic shots - Establishing Shot, Long Shot, Medium Shot, Close Up
  • The Four Shot Film Project  - telling a story with only four shots.
  • Collaborative script writing with Google Docs - using script templates to write and learn the art of script writing
  • Post Production Techniques - Learning basic editing vocabulary and techniques to tell your story
  • The New Reel - Creating online portfolios of students video productions for evaluation and reflection
  • The Fourth Stage of Production - Evaluating your own work and that of others is the way to become better filmmakers 
This is a one day workshop of watching, learning, and doing while developing the language of filmmaking.  Participants will walk away with their own productions and a clearer understanding on how to incorporate visual media across the curriculum.  The best part is the ability to do the activities without depending on one type of software with a focus on mobile and FREE.  Bring along a mobile device and your laptop for a hands-on day.